As a certified Wim Hof Method (WHM) instructor and Pilates teacher of nearly 20 years, Beth Huckel champions holistic well-being and guides individuals toward optimal physical and mental health.

Her expertise in movement, breathwork, and mind-body connection enriches her teachings. With her background as a Pilates instructor, Beth transitioned seamlessly to the WHM, incorporating her deep understanding of body mechanics and conscious movement. Having suffered the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety personally, Beth teaches with passion and empathy to bring to others the same benefits she derives from the WHM.

Beth’s experience in TRX, aerial Pilates and fitness offers instruction and guidance to those seeking to utilise the WHM to train to peak performance. She can also tailor workshops specifically for those wishing to increase their strength, endurance and competitive edge.

Beth’s nurturing approach fosters a safe space for students of all levels, promoting growth and a strong mind-body connection. Her personalised instruction blends knowledge, enthusiasm, and a holistic perspective, creating an environment for individuals to thrive and explore their remarkable capabilities.

Meet Beth

“I found the Wim Hof Method (WHM) as part of a long journey of discovery following the death of my mum to cancer. My grief triggered a period of severe anxiety which was treated reactively – rather than proactively – by conventional medicine and in a way that ultimately left me feeling less in control. I wanted to explore whether there were ways I could teach my mind and body to react less to stress. 

Despite being a Pilates instructor with nearly 20 years experience, until I discovered the WHM I realised that I had never fully understood the true importance of the mind-body connection. I taught how to bring balance to the body but now I help to bring balance to the body AND the mind. 

Not only has the method helped me hugely personally but it has also sparked a fascination in how crucial breath-work and cold therapy are for so many challenges we face in our daily lives, most importantly optimal health. 

I have first-hand evidence of how WHM brings immeasurable benefits to those with ADHD and feel compelled because of my personal experience to help people who would like to use the WHM to compliment or offer an alternative to pharmaceuticals for stress, anxiety or ADHD.”

Certified Expertise

Beth holds a Wim Hof Method certification and a wealth of experience in holistic well-being training, ensuring you receive the highest quality guidance.

Holistic Approach

Beth believes in a holistic approach to health, focusing on mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Proven Results

Countless individuals have experienced transformative changes in their lives through the Wim Hof Method, and The Ice Beth is here to guide you on the same path.

Work With The Ice Beth

Workshops & Events

Engage in immersive workshops and events designed to expand your knowledge and practice within the method.

Community Support

Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals, all driven by the pursuit of optimal health and wellness.

Guided Training

Access in-depth training sessions conducted by an experienced Wim Hof Method instructor, tailored to suit your experience level.

Personalised Guidance

Receive personalised guidance and support on your wellness journey, ensuring you achieve your health and performance goals.